Pagaia club


What is the Pagaia Club de Caiac Cap de Creus?.Who are we?

We are paddlers who like sport, nature and the sea. We want to paddle, to share, to learn, to increase our technical knowledge and to enlarge our horizon as kayakers and human beings.

Also we like to enjoy!

To enjoy together with other people doing all this things and improving every day with our mutual help.

Our club was born when all this potentials came together: people that loves the sea, nature and sports, People spending part of our time to spread all over sea kayaking and make it grow in our country arriving with our paddles to every part of the world, where we can find people and groups sharing our ideas and objectives.

We want a safe practice, respectful with the environment and to join every day more and more paddles to work together: no borders, no limits to the heart. We want to keep in contact with all people who has shared with us hours and days of activities and excursions.

No matter which paddles or kayaks, modern or greenland, we learn continuously new subjects, to improve what we know and above of all to enlarge our horizons without other limits than defined by ourselves. We ask and receive support from the administration (Llançà Town Hall, Consell Comarcal, Diputació and Generalitat de Catalunya), the Canoe/Kayak Federation and also from companies which support us. We appreciate very much the support given by associations like CK/mer and SAU with whom we share activities and projects.

Now, we are facing another challenge as every two years: our VIII International Symposium. We announce to you, as always, with all our enthusiasm, hoping to add our work to your efforts, not to deceive your expectations and to achieve you leaving the symposium with the best souvenir from Llançà, Cap de Creus and the Pagaia “family”.

Friendship added to positive experiences must leave a footprint in your memory.

Salut! i força a la Pagaia!!

Pep Prats
President del Pagaia Club de Caiac Cap de Creus.

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